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Battery recycling rethought

In future, CellCircle will primarily offer battery recycling using the innovative CellCircle process.

Unlike previous recycling processes, this separates the functional battery materials such as NMC or carbon particles non-destructively and in high purity.

In contrast to the metallurgical approaches, the batteries are not broken down into their chemical elements in order to synthesise new functional materials from them again, which is costly and energy-intensive. The previous intermediate step (mostly carried out in Asia) is no longer necessary and the recovered functional materials can be (re)used directly and promptly for the production of new battery cells.


Energy- and chemical-intensive process chain with losses and significant emissions.

New recycling solution

Efficient closed material cycle through recovery of functional materials.

Battery recycling

CellCircle offers innovative recycling of used battery products and production rejects. Compared to primary production and classic recycling processes, energy and chemical requirements as well as CO2 emissions for the production of battery materials can be reduced by more than 50%.

The recovery and regeneration of functional battery materials for direct reuse enables efficient closed-loop recycling. The specifications of the European Battery Ordinance are thus met and exceeded.

Provision of "green" battery materials

CellCircle offers secondary functional materials from lithium-ion batteries in primary quality. These include in particular anode and cathode active materials as well as conductive additives. Compared to battery materials from primary production or classic metallurgical recycling, these are characterised by a particularly low carbon footprint.

CellCircle also offers cell manufacturers the direct recycling of battery materials from their battery waste in order to meet regulatory requirements for the use of secondary materials easily and in a particularly sustainable manner.

Picture: K. Selsam

Consulting services on associated processes

CellCircle advises companies on suitable recycling solutions for their battery products. The consulting services also include feasibility studies based on classic crushing and separation processes as well as innovative technologies.

In addition to the process evaluations, recommendations for recycling-friendly product designs (Design for Recycling, Design for Disassembly) can also be given and life cycle assessments for the recycling options can be prepared.